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Meter Reading and Reporting

Reading your meter

An important factor controlling the cost of providing electric service is to have members read their electric meter(s) each month and submit the reading on the payment stub. Otherwise, Kenergy would be required to employ meter readers to perform this task.

Kenergy must read all three-phase commercial and industrial demand meters monthly and is required by the Kentucky Public Service Commission to read all meters within its 14-county service area at least annually.

About your Kenergy meter

Residential members have digital cyclometers, which read like a car odometer. The numbers on the cyclometer should be recorded in the blocks on the payment stub just as they appear on the meter. You also are required to write the date you read your meter on the line provided. The reading and date should be returned to the cooperative when paying your monthly bill. When a member fails to submit a monthly meter reading, the bill is estimated based on the account history. This is indicated as ESTIMATED on the bill. After six consecutive months of estimations, a Kenergy employee will be dispatched to obtain an accurate meter reading. For this service, a charge is added to the individual customer’s bill.

Should you fail to submit a meter reading when paying your bill, you may report the reading online by logging in under Manage Your Account or by calling the cooperative’s voice mail number: (800) 844-4832 and follow the phone prompts. Be prepared to give the voice mail attendant, after the tone, the account name (the name appearing on your Kenergy bill), account number, your telephone number, meter reading and the date you read the meter.

Record your meter reading online

Kenergy members may record their monthly meter reading via this Web site.

The process is simple:

  • Return to the co-op's home page, where you can access the "Manage Your Account" option.
  • If this is the first time you have accessed your Kenergy account online, follow the registration instructions, which includes selecting and entering a password.
  • Use the pull-down menus at the top of the Web page to navigate.
  • Click on "Account Information."
  • Select "Enter Meter Reading."
  • Type in the meter reading in the box provided.
  • Click the "Calculate Usage" button.
  • Click the "post reading now" button to post the meter reading to your account.

The meter reading will be electronically posted to your account.

Record your meter reading on the phone

Kenergy members may record their monthly meter readings any hour of the day with a quick phone call. During regular business hours — 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday — Member Service Representatives are available to take meter readings on the phone. However, members may enter meter readings using an automated phone attendant.

Call (800) 844-4832 and follow the prompts. After the tone, be prepared to give the voice-mail attendant the account name (the name appearing on your Kenergy bill), account number, your telephone number, meter reading and the date you read the meter.

Meter tampering

Meter tampering is a criminal violation of the law. It reads: "When the utility has discovered evidence that by fraudulent or illegal means a customer has obtained unauthorized service or has diverted the service for unauthorized use or has obtained service without same being properly measured, the service to the customer may be discontinued without notice. The utility shall not be required to restore service until the customer has complied with all rules of the utility and regulations of the Kentucky Public Service Commission and the utility has been reimbursed for the estimated amount of the service rendered and the cost to the utility incurred by reason of fraudulent use." Kenergy uses a number of methods for the detection of the fraudulent or illegal use of electricity.