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Billing and Payments


Bills should be paid on or before the payment date indicated on your bill.

Perhaps the most hassle-free payment method is Kenergy's Auto Pay program. Write memberservices@kenergycorp.com to learn more about bank drafts.

Many payment options are available 24/7, such as Kenergy's smart phone app (www.smarthubapp.com), online at kenergycorp.com or by telephone at 1.800.844.4832.

Members may mail in payments or visit offices.  Each of Kenergy's six offices have an after-hours depository.

And, in an effort to provide more convenience to members, these area businesses take Kenergy payments, too.  In Henderson, Ohio Valley Bank, Fifth Third Bank and Old National Bank.  In Dixon, the Parker Insurance agency takes Kenergy payments.

In addition, Morganfield National Bank accepts Kenergy payments.

Lewisport City Hall has a dropbox, and Smith Super Saver in Beech Grove has a dropbox.

Kenergy accepts cash, checks, debit cards, VISA, MasterCard and Novus-issued credit cards.

If you have more than one account with the same due date, you may mail a single check for the combined amount of your monthly bills. Mail your check, along with meter readings for each account, in any co-op return envelope.

Members' monthly statements show a net and gross payment amount, with the gross amount being 5 percent greater. In the event the bill is not paid within 20 days, the gross amount applies. 

Members 65 years old and older who have submitted proof of age will not be levied the gross payment amount if the bill for his or her primary residence is paid within 30 days. Additionally, the gross amount will be forgiven one time per calendar year for all residential members.

Auto Pay

Kenergy offers a bank- or credit card-draft plan for automatic monthly payments. There is no check to write, and a record of your payment is included on your bank or credit card statement. Complete this form and bring it or mail it to any Kenergy office.

The plan does not eliminate the need to read your meter each month; however, you may report your monthly meter reading 24/7 online, with Kenergy's smart phone app, or by calling 1.800.844.4832.  To learn more, write memberservices@kenergycorp.com.

Budget-billing plan

Kenergy offers a budget-billing plan for single-phase accounts.  It allows a member to pay the same amount for 11 months and any balance due the 12th month. Some members may be due a refund on the 12th month. For more information, please e-mail budgetbill@kenergycorp.com

Pay your bill online

To pay your bill online, go to www.kenergycorp.com and go to the Log Into My Account link on the home page.

Credit cards

Kenergy accepts Visa, MasterCard and Novus-issued credit cards for the payment of electric bills, as well as for the payment of other Kenergy services and products.  For this option, consider using Auto Pay, which is an automatic monthly payment.  Click here to view or print the Auto Pay form.

Settlement of disputes

If you have questions or disputes about a bill or electric service, please contact Kenergy first.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has a toll-free number for use by members who have questions about their electric service or with complaints: (800) 772-4636.

Assistance programs

Partial Payment Plan: Residential members who are unable to pay their bills in accordance with Kenergy’s regular payment terms may go to one of the cooperative’s offices during normal business hours to make arrangements for a partial-payment plan. Such arrangements should be made before a serviceman arrives to disconnect a meter for nonpayment.

Should a member fail to honor the mutually agreed-upon payment schedule, the member’s service may be disconnected without prior notice. Kenergy is not obligated to negotiate additional partial-payment plans with members who currently are delinquent under a previous partial-payment plan.

WinterCare Energy Fund: Kenergy participates in the statewide WinterCare Energy Fund to provide members with a voluntary means of assisting those who struggle to pay their electric bills. To contribute, a space is provided on your bill to indicate the amount you want to donate.

Those in need of WinterCare assistance should contact Audubon Area Community Services or Pennyrile Allied Community Services office, depending on their county of residence.