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Commercial & Industrial General Energy-Efficiency Program

Kenergy pays rebates to commercial and industrial members who begin energy-efficiency projects at existing facilities served by Kenergy. Rebates of $350 per kW of measurable improvement in demand reduction are available.  The rebate limit is $25,000.

To qualify, a member must:

  • Notify Kenergy staff (listed below) of intended project
  • Provide information on the facility's energy efficiency, as well as information from which the facility's energy efficiency can be recalculated after completion of the project
  • Kenergy staff may require an initial visit to the facility for pre-approval
  • After the project's approval and completion, the member must submit a copy of invoices for materials and labor related to the energy-efficiency project, as well as product spec sheets
  • A copy of the form showing the calculation of demand reduction achieved by the energy-efficiency project improvements, signed by the commercial or industrial member
  • Kenergy staff will complete a final walk-through of the facility to verify project completion

Payment will be mailed to the local facility where project was completed or to company headquarters. Rebates will not exceed project cost. Please allow up to six weeks for processing. Any questions regarding this program may be directed to the following Kenergy staff:

Todd Blackburn


Kyle Heavrin


NOTICE:  This rebate program is subject to change or cancelation.