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Residential Weatherization Program

Are your utility bills getting you down? 

Kenergy can help with our Residential Weatherization Program. 

The purpose of the program is to improve overall efficiencies by tightening up the envelope of your home, which may include but not limited to caulking, duct sealing, weather stripping, or adding insulation.  It does not include new window/door replacements or HVAC system replacements.

Step1              Let us know you are interested in having an energy audit performed on your home.


Step 2             Kenergy will give your contact information to Sherlock Homes, a certified energy auditor and home improvement specialist.  Sherlock Homes will perform a thorough energy audit and give you a detailed report of how you can make your home more energy efficient.  During this visit, Sherlock Homes will install up to 20 CFLs, energy efficient low-flow showerhead and up to two faucet aerators.  Kenergy will cover the cost of this initial audit including the installation of the showerhead, aerators and CFLs – a $250 value!


Step 3             If you wish to continue with the weatherization process, Sherlock Homes will return to your home to perform a Diagnostic Test.  This diagnostic testing evaluates how leaky the house is, how well the ductwork is performing and a combustion analysis test is performed if the home is gas heated.  After Kenergy pays a portion of the cost, the Kenergy member will pay the balance owed for the Diagnostic Test:


All-Electric Heated Homes

Non-Electric Heated Homes

Kenergy Pays           $225

Kenergy Pays      $112.50

Member Pays           $225

Member Pays      $337.50


Step 4             Install Sherlock Homes’ weatherization improvements, and Kenergy will pay:


                               50% of the cost of improvements made to all-electric heated homes    

                               25% of the cost of improvements made to non-electric heated homes.


                        Improvements will be preapproved and will be performed by contractors approved by Sherlock Homes.


To get on the list for your free energy audit, click option below: