Kenergy changes rebate programs

As of August, Kenergy had returned to members about $600,000 in rebates for making wise energy choices, such as installing Energy Star appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling systems.

The growing popularity of the co-op’s Smart Savings incentives required Kenergy to make modifications.

“We are pleased to offer these rebate programs,” said David Hamilton, Vice President of Member Services. “By buying energy-efficient appliances and tuning up heat and cooling systems annually, our members save money on their monthly electric bills and help the environment.”

As of Sept. 21, Kenergy offers the following rebates:

  • Washing machine rebates — $20
  • Refrigerator rebates — $50
  • HVAC replacement program
    • Heat Pump — $50
    • Dual fuel — $200
    • Geothermal — $200
  • New construction rebate
    • Gas-heated homes — $200
    • Air source heat pumps — $400
    • Dual fuel heat pumps with gas — $600
    • Geothermal heat pump — $800
  • Commercial lighting rebates per KWh reduction will stay the same; however, rebates will cap at $10,000 or half the price of installation, whichever is less.

In addition to changes in rebate amounts, applications for residential rebates must be submitted within two months from the date of purchase, which is noted on invoices.

Application processing times have been increased to two months.

Kenergy’s rebate programs are subject to change or cancelation without notice.