2016 Washington Youth Tour delegates

Kenergy recently announced its 2016 Washington Youth Tour delegates.

The cooperative chooses six students annually to attend the seven-day, all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C.  Nationwide, the Washington Youth Tour brings about 1,600 high school juniors to the nation’s capital in June every year.

Students must live in a home powered by Kenergy to be eligible.  They are selected from 1,000-word essays they submit.  Students are asked to feature any topic about which they are passionate.

In alphabetical order, this year’s delegates are:

  • Cara Daniels of Henderson — Cara is the daughter of Gary and Lisa Daniels.  Cara attends Henderson County High School. She wrote a touching essay titled “Memory Monster,” which is an account of her grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Shelby Hite of Whitesville — Shelby is the daughter of Glenn and Karen Hite.  Shelby attends Daviess County High School.  Her essay titled “Time with Family — Camping Memories” took readers to Windy Hollow Campground, where children played outside instead of watching TV or playing on computers.
  • Jacob Howard of Knottsville — Jacob is the son of Larry and Elaine Howard.  Jacob attends Daviess County High School.  His essay “Boy Scouts — Order of the Arrow” teaches youth about cheerful service to others.  “It is a simple guide to living … ,” Jacob wrote.
  • Rachel Thomas of Utica —  Rachel is the daughter of Charles and Kimberly Thomas.  Rachel attends Apollo High School.  Her essay titled “Writing and Reading” introduces her readers to a younger Rachel, who once wrote about lime-driving leprechauns and princesses who didn’t need knights.
  • Olivia Warren of Owensboro —  Olivia is the daughter of Benji and Cindy Warren.  Olivia attends Daviess County High School.  Her essay titled “Leadership and Service” promotes a life of service to others.  Olivia volunteers time to the Wendell Foster Center and Special Olympics, to name a couple of nonprofits.
  • Jesslyn Watson of Corydon — Jesslyn is the daughter of Bob and Angela Watson. Jesslyn attends Henderson County High School. Her essay titled “History” describes her enthusiasm for the past.  “I’ve got a future with the past … ,” she said near the end of her essay.

Shelby Cecil of Owensboro, the daughter of Laura and Brian Cecil, was selected as the alternate.  She will take the trip if one of the six delegates is unable to attend.