Operation Roundup FAQ

What is Operation Roundup®?

Operation Roundup® is a program to help low-income families pay their electric bills. Operation Roundup® took the place of WinterCare, which is a statewide program that helps those who struggle to pay their utility bills.

Operation Roundup® has a separate board made up of Member Advisory Council members.

Operation Roundup® is a 501(c)3, which means all contributions are tax deductible.

Kenergy matches all “rounded up” member gifts to Operation Roundup® – up to $3,000 a year.

Operation Roundup® seems like an odd name. What does it mean?

Members who enroll in Operation Roundup® allow Kenergy to “round up” their monthly bills to the next dollar. For example, if a bill is $92.73, we will round it to $93. The difference between the two becomes a donation to Operation Roundup®

Using the “round up” system, members give less than $12 a year. The average nationwide is $6 per year, but Kenergy members can donate more than that. On the bill statement, they can mark another box and give a larger amount each month. Or they can give a one-time/annual gift.

How do members enroll in Operation Roundup®?

It’s simple. They check a box on the front of the bill statement for Operation Roundup® or sign up on our website.

Or members can call or visit any office to enroll.

Is Operation Roundup® funded through other methods?

Yes. Kenergy will solicit donations from vendors, corporate partners, Operation Roundup® board members and co-op directors through letter-writing campaigns.

Employees can give to Operation Roundup® through Kenergy Cares. It has been added to the list of nonprofits. Kenergy will match any Operation Roundup® gift made through the Kenergy Cares program.

We may post donation boxes in various places during Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Day. We are considering several fundraising options.

What if I enroll but wants to quit Operation Roundup® after a few months?

You have that option. All you have to do is let us know.

Does the Operation Roundup® board administer the nonprofit’s funds?

No. Money raised through Operation Roundup® will go to Community Action Agencies: Audubon Area and Pennyrile Community Services located in each of the communities we serve. Those offices, in turn, will make payments to the cooperative on behalf of members who qualify through an application process. Kenergy will receive regular reports from these agencies.

The Member must have a disconnect notice from Kenergy to qualify for assistance. Audubon Area and Pennyrile Community Services have been authorized to pay up to $100 per request. Members can only receive assistance 2x per year.

For years, those offices have assisted Kenergy members with their utility bills in a fair and equitable manner, so these agencies have procedures in place. This is a huge benefit to Kenergy and Operation Roundup®. Audubon Area and Pennyrile Community Services are performing many tasks that co-op employees would have to do otherwise.

Can any western Kentucky resident use Operation Roundup® funds to pay their utility bills?

No. Operation Roundup® funds can only be used to help low-income Kenergy members. Those funds will not be used to help any other residents.