Prevent Heating Problems Before It Gets Too Cold

Servicing your heating system is a lot like getting an oil change or tune up for your car. Sure, it’s an expense—but it’s still cheaper than waiting until something goes wrong to call a technician.

Having your heating system inspected by a professional usually means you won’t have to worry about whether the unit will make it through another season.

Some contractors offer an annual preventive maintenance agreement, which will cost a few hundred dollars a year and typically includes a fall inspection of your heating system and a spring once-over for your air conditioner, along with discounts on repairs and equipment. A better deal most often is to pay as you go for individual inspections.

But paying a pro to maintain your heating and cooling system is worth the money. Qualified, licensed service technicians are trained to spot problems that most homeowners overlook. Schedule the appointment before the season begins so there is time to order any replacement parts.

Member Appreciation Day Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to our 2019 Member Appreciation Day gift card winners!

Darleen King – Owensboro
Barry Harper – Henderson
Jimmy Eastwood – Hanson
Edith Gaw – Hawesville
Roger Phelps – Marion

Celebrate Cooperative Month!

October is the month when members and employees of cooperatives celebrate being part of businesses that are member-owned and community-run.

This October, resolve to become more active with your electric cooperative. Plan to attend the utility’s annual meeting or Member Appreciation Day, to vote in board of director elections, to sit on a volunteer committee or even to run for the board yourself.

Cooperatives are owned and controlled by the consumers who do business with them. That means you are not just a customer—you’re a member and an owner. That gives you a vote in how the business operates.

Get to know more about your cooperative by participating in it. When a utility operates as a cooperative like yours does, every member is equally important.

Guard Always-On Appliances with Switch Locks

If you’ve ever accidently flipped off a light switch connected to the outlet that powers an impossible-to-program electronic or a refrigerator full of food, you’ve probably tried every trick you can think of to prevent it from happening again.

When large warning signs or switches duct-taped in the “on” position fail, try installing a switch lock or guard cover. They make it impossible to flip the switch off—or on, if you’re trying to keep it off.

Installing a switch lock or guard cover on your don’t-touch switch is an easier and more attractive way to protect your important electronics and other must-be-on-all-the-time devices. They cost less than $10.

Some are plastic covers that hide the switch itself to prevent it from being flipped. Others replace the existing faceplate and lock the switch in the on or off position. Some are metal and include a barrier than makes it impossible to flip the switch.

If you’re protecting a switch from kids or still need to use it occasionally, choose a switch lock with an override button you can depress to unlock the switch.

Join us for Member Appreciation Day 2019

Kenergy is excited to host its annual Member Appreciation Day on Thursday, October 3rd from 11am to 2pm at all five office locations.

This year’s event will feature FREE BBQ lunch, FREE buckets and LED lightbulbs (while supplies last) and your chance to win a $250 gift card! Information on the door prizes will be available at Member Appreciation Day.

Members can also drop off their new sock donations for Socktober while at Member Appreciation Day.

The Owensboro office will be doing a drive-thru this year to help expedite traffic.

Socktober Is Back!

It’s back! Socktober was such a success in 2018, Kenergy is asking its members to donate more new socks and make a difference again this October. Last year, Kenergy members and employees donated over 6,000 pairs of socks and helped many children and families in need. This year, we want to double that number, but we need help from you.


Socks are the most needed, but least donated article of clothing. Socks are necessities for all of us, but can be a luxury for someone in need, especially during the winter months. Working with schools in the Kenergy service areas, collected socks will be donated to Family Resource Centers.


Collection dates are October 1st through 31st. Members and employees can bring donations to any Kenergy office during the month of October. You can also drop off your sock donation at any Kenergy office during our Member Appreciation Day on Thursday, October 3rd. A simple donation can make an imperative impact on lives in your community.


New socks (size infant through adult) may be donated at any Kenergy office:

  • Owensboro – 3111 Fairview Drive
  • Henderson – 6402 Old Corydon Road
  • Hawesville – 315 Hawes Boulevard
  • Hanson – 2620 Brown Badgett Loop
  • Marion – 3000 Mott City Road

Sign Up for Text Alerts

Residential members can now text in outages and receive status reports when the lights are out.

Be sure to enroll before you experience an outage. The texting system updates once daily, so new enrollees can’t use the program immediately after they sign up.

Enrolling before an outage guarantees the system will be available if you experience trouble with your electricity in the future.

To enroll, text the word KENERGY to 85700.

Your current cell phone number must be associated with your Kenergy account for the system to work properly. If the co-op does not have your current cell phone number on file, you will be prompted to call 1.800.844.4832 during business hours to talk with a representative, who can assist you with enrollment.

**This texting service is limited to residential members with four or fewer accounts.

Network Maintenance – September 16

A vendor for Kenergy will be performing network maintenance on Monday, September 16 at 11:59pm. We anticipate the work to last for approximately 2 hours. Members will not be able to access the SmartHub application to make payments during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Manage Back to School Energy Surge

Even though the kids will be out of the house during the day now that school is back in session, you could see a bump in your energy bills.

As the school year begins, busy students will be using the family computer more to write papers and complete school assignments. Shorter days mean more lights go on in the evening to do homework. If everyone’s up before the sun, lights go on earlier.

Manage the extra energy use. Here are some tips to conserve energy as your kids head back to school:

  • Teach your children how to put the computer into sleep mode when they are finished using it, even if they plan on returning later. Electronics in sleep mode use about 80 percent less electricity than when operating at full power.
  • In the market for new computer equipment this year? Computers with an ENERGY STAR rating use 70 percent less electricity overall, while monitors bearing the label draw 90 percent less.
  • Desk lamps and other concentrated task lighting create a productive work environment without wasting excess light. If yours are older, replace their halogen or incandescent desk lamps with LED bulbs, which fit most fixtures and produce less heat while using less electricity.
  • Bicycling or walking to school two days a week can save gas and give kids much-needed exercise now that summer days of play are over. If the commute is too far, organize a carpool with parents in your neighborhood to earn yourself a couple of mornings off.
  • Do a thorough inventory of school supplies before heading to the store to reduce waste. Supplies often come in bulk packages that won’t run out before the end of the school year.
  • Buy reusable sandwich bags and use lunchboxes instead of brown bags to save money and reduce everyday packaging waste.