Air Conditioner and Fan Safety

With heat and humidity often overwhelming during Kentucky summers, air conditioners and fans are essential for staying cool and comfortable. Even though air conditioners are everyday appliances, it’s important to be aware of their potential hazards. Contact with electric current from air conditioners and fans causes a high number of electrocutions and injuries each year.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2010, air conditioners, fans and other related equipment caused 7,400 reported home fires with $207 million in direct property damage. Accidents in June, July and August accounted for nearly half of all air conditioner fires throughout the year.

When relying on air conditioners and fans to keep you cool, make sure you follow these five electrical safety tips:

  • Select and install cooling equipment for safety and effectiveness.
  • Hire a qualified, licensed electrician to install and service all electrical equipment in your home.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for all electric-powered equipment.
  • Inspect and maintain equipment regularly for safety.
  • Make sure equipment has label showing it has been approved by a recognized testing laboratory.

When checking the safety of your fans, ensure the guards are in place and secure. Fans less than 7 feet off the ground must have guards around them to stop people from touching the blades. And just like with other electrical appliances, check if the plugs and cord are in good condition. All electrical prongs should be in place, and the cord shouldn’t be frayed.

In addition to following these electrical safety tips, don’t forget to change your air conditioner’s filter and have a professional clean the air ducts to protect your family’s health. Mold can grow in the indoor section of an air conditioner and can cause respiratory problems if not cleaned properly.

If you have a window air conditioner in each room of your home, consider upgrading to a ductless mini-split system or a central air conditioner or installing new security measures. Window units and their accordion-like wings that block outside air can be pushed into the home, allowing intruders to enter. By installing an air conditioner bracket to the outside of the window unit or by adding sliding window locks to each side of the frame, your window air conditioner will be harder to move out of place. Ductless mini-split systems have a 3-inch hole connecting the outside and inside units’ refrigerant lines, leaving your windows locked and making it harder for unwanted guests to enter.

Phone Surveys Being Conducted in May

Please be aware that Kenergy will be utilizing Touchstone Energy Services to conduct member surveys. Calls will be placed from now until the end of May. These calls will be coming from 919 area codes and the call-takers will identify themselves as Data Decisions Group on behalf of Kenergy. No calls will be made on Sundays and calls during the week will end by 8:30pm. Your feedback on these surveys will help us continue to improve the services we provide you, our members.

Network Maintenance – April 29th

A vendor for Kenergy will be performing network maintenance on Monday, April 29th at 11:59pm. We anticipate the work to last for approximately 2 hours. Members will not be able to access the SmartHub application to make payments during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2019 Annual Meeting

Kenergy’s 2019 Annual Meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 11, at our Kenergy Henderson office, located at 6402 Old Corydon Road, Henderson, KY, 42419.

As a reminder, this will only be a business meeting. Our annual meeting underwent formatting changes in 2018. There will be no buckets, no bulbs, no meal, no entertainment and no door prizes. The buckets and bulbs will be given at Member Appreciation Day in October.

The scholarship application process will continue to be online only this year. Applicants can apply online during the entire month of June. During the first week of July, a random computerized drawing will be held for 3 – $1,000 scholarships and 24 – $500 scholarships. The member applicant will simply go online, watch a 3.5-minute video, answer multiple-choice questions from the video, and complete the short application form. Learn more about the application process on our Scholarships page.

Annual Meeting Schedule:

10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Member Registration

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Business Meeting

April is National Safe Digging Month

An underground utility line is damaged once every nine minutes nationwide because someone decided to dig without first calling 811, according to data collected by Common Ground Alliance (CGA).

The CGA, the association dedicated to protecting underground utility lines and the safety of people who dig near them, collects information from utility owners throughout the United States to measure the scope of damages nationwide.

Digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in damage to gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines, which can lead to service disruptions, serious injuries and costly repairs.

#CallBeforeYouDig #SafeDiggingMonth #Call811

Spring Break Energy Savings Checklist

Traveling for spring break? Give your electric bill a break too! Check off this list before you start packing:
Unplug all electronics
This will prevent unnecessary energy usage and will protect your home against power surges and electrical fires.
Invest in a timer
Deter would-be burglars by putting timers on lights in different rooms. Set them to go on and off at various times throughout the night and no one will know you’re not actually there. This will also save you money by not leaving a light on the entire time you’re away.
Adjust your thermostat
If you’re leaving for spring break and do not have an app to program your thermostat, adjust the temperature to be set between 50-60 degrees. This will keep appliances and pipes from freezing and also save energy.
Turn your water heater down
Set your water heater to ‘vacation mode’ or turn the temperature down before you leave. The heater works to keep the water warm even if no one is using it.

Press Release: Kenergy Pole Inspections Scheduled

Contact: Leslie Neeley

Phone: 270-689-6158


Alamon, a pole inspection contractor for Kenergy, will begin inspecting poles in the spring. Each wooden pole Kenergy owns, or is attached to, will be inspected to ensure there are no hazards. Inspectors check for decay, insects, cracks, holes, age, and any damage members may have caused.

You may see trucks in your area bearing a ‘Kenergy Contractor’ magnet. Inspectors will also have an Alamon picture ID with them. Inspectors will be working during daylight hours only. Don’t be alarmed if you see the contractors parked for a few hours and/or riding from pole-to-pole on an all-terrain vehicle.

Inspection areas include Yager, Lewisport, Hawesville, Weberstown, and part of Sullivan. These inspections will be ongoing until the end of July.

If you suspect something irregular or suspicious, please give us a call at 800-844-4832.


For more information on Kenergy, please visit

Press Release: Prepaid Billing Now Available

CONTACT: Leslie Neeley

DATE: March 1, 2019

PHONE: 270-689-6158



A new payment option is now available for Kenergy members. Traditionally, members receive a monthly bill for the electricity they’ve used. Prepaid Billing works just the opposite. This new program is completely voluntary and allows Kenergy members to choose how much and how often they want to pay before they use the electricity.

With this new, innovative program, because participants will pay for electricity in advance, members do not have to pay a deposit, there are no monthly bills, and no late fees.

For more information regarding the new Prepaid Billing program, visit To sign up for the Prepaid Billing program, visit your local Kenergy office or call 800-844-4832 with questions.


For more information on Kenergy, please visit