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Electrical Inspections

If your home or facility has not had active electrical service for one year or you are applying for service to a new home or facility, an electrical inspection must be performed before Kenergy can provide electric service.

Kenergy is prohibited from providing permanent electric service to a facility until a final certificate of approval (wherever applicable under state law or local ordinance) has been issued by a certified electrical inspector.

A fee is charged by either the electrical inspector or the local or state government for the inspection service. State law requires that homeowners secure from the health department in their county an on-site sewage disposal permit release before the electrical inspector is permitted to issue a certificate of approval for any temporary or permanent electric service extension.

Members who own manufactured homes should make sure they meet all state requirements for setting up the home.  To find out more about these regulations, members should call an electrical inspector in the county where the member resides.  Electrical inspectors know HUD Codes on mobile homes and will be able to assist.

National Electrical Code Handbook code booklets are available through electrical supply retailers.

Find an electrical inspector for your county.

Kenergy Operating Policy Regarding Electrical Inspections

  1. All new installations, regardless of size or nature of use, will require inspection.
  2. Disconnected services, regardless of type, must be inspected if disconnected for 12 months or more.
  3. Temporary boards/services provided by customer or builder will require inspection when new and before reconnecting.
  4. Camps – All river camps and all services for mobile campers will require inspection when new and before reconnecting.
  5. Oil Wells – Will require inspection when new and before reconnecting.
  6. Any service will be inspected before reconnecting when disconnected for:
    • fire
    • at the request of the member for purpose of repair or replacement of parts
    • if determined unsafe by Kenergy personnel
  7. Reconnects on mobile homes will be inspected only if the wiring between the meter pole and mobile home has been installed or replaced, or a different mobile home is in place from the last time a service was active.