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Forms & Guides

Kenergy’s member-service forms are made available to download and print easily.

If you should have questions regarding these forms, please call a Kenergy Member Service Representative at 800.844.4832.

Right of Way Easement

Electrical Service Vegetation Specifications

The specifications form (below) is to be used by members who have chosen to clear the right-of-way for a proposed line extension.

Landlord Agreement Program

Electric Load Sheet

The electric load sheet is needed for commercial applicants to assist in determining service requirements.

Metering Installation

Wiring Guides For Temporary Power

Wiring guides for construction (temporary) power for underground or overhead facilities.

Manufactured Housing

Wiring guides for manufactured housing, underground or overhead.

New or Existing Structures

Wiring guides for new or existing structures (from Uniform Electrical Wiring Guide).

Underground Service

Conduit specifications for underground service.