Operation Roundup Helping low-income members pay electric bills

In an effort to help member-owners who struggle to pay their Kenergy bills, the cooperative started a nonprofit – Operation Roundup®.

Operation Roundup® depends on donations from members who agree to let the cooperative “round up” their payments to the next dollar. For example, if a member’s bill totals $97.27, the member agrees to pay $98. The difference between the two amounts becomes a donation to help low-income members.

Members don’t have to do a thing except enroll. Kenergy will round up their bills each month.

Using this system of giving, the average donor gives about $6 a year. Giving pennies a month is a painless way to donate to a worthy cause.

Can such small donations help? When many people give small amounts, it adds up quickly. Palmetto Electric Cooperative started the nation’s first Operation Roundup® in 1989. Since then, that cooperative has distributed $5.7 million to help the communities it serves.

Now, Kenergy members can donate to help low-income families who live in western Kentucky. It’s easy to enroll. Simply check a box on the front of the monthly bill statement.

Those who pay automatically each month can call Kenergy’s office at 1.800.844.4832 during business hours. Member Service Representatives can enroll members in Operation Roundup®.

Also, one-time-only contributions are appreciated. Members may send a check made out to Operation Roundup® in the envelope with a monthly payment.

Operation Roundup® donations are tax deductible. Funds stay local, helping only fellow Kenergy members.

A separate board of directors has been established for Kenergy’s Operation Roundup®, which is an autonomous nonprofit. Directors are Susan Alley, Hawesville; Sherleye Goff, Owensboro; David Spainhoward, Spottsville; Grant Rogers, Marion; and Harold Wilson, Owensboro.

For more information, read the Operation Roundup® FAQ or contact Kenergy at 1.800.844.4832.

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