Unclaimed Capital Credits

What is a capital credit?

It is the member-owner’s equity, which is the owner’s payments in excess of the cost of furnishing his/her electric service. Each dollar paid by a member in excess of the cost of providing electric service represents an investment in the co-op.

What is a capital credit retirement?

It is the return of members’ capital. Retiring capital credits is a way of ensuring that each generation of members pays its own way. An electric cooperative operates on an at-cost or nonprofit basis by annually allocating to each member, based on the member’s purchase of electricity, operating revenue remaining at the end of the year. Later, as finances permit, these allocated amounts — or capital credits — are returned to members.

When was the last time Kenergy retired capital credits?

Approximately $2.8 million in capital credits were retired in 2019. The amount represented margins allocated in 1990 (100 percent) and 1991 (85 percent). Only member-owners who bought electricity from Kenergy or its predecessors during those years were eligible to receive capital credits that year.

Are capital credits retired each year?

Each year, Kenergy’s Board of Directors makes a decision whether to retire capital credits based on the financial health of the cooperative. During some years, the co-op may experience high growth or severe storms, which increases costs and lowers margins. For this reason, Kenergy’s ability to retire capital credits reflects the cooperative’s strength and financial stability.

Unclaimed capital credits

Even if you move and are no longer a member of the cooperative, capital credits remain in your account. Be sure to update your mailing address with Kenergy if you move so we can send future capital credit checks to the correct address.

If you are an heir to an estate, please contact Kenergy if you think capital credits remain in the estate’s account.

List of unclaimed capital credits

A list of unclaimed capital credit refunds can be found below. (This is a large file, ~50MB.) If you have any contact information for these individuals, please contact our office at 800.844.4832.

What happens to capital credits for a deceased member?

Kenergy’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws require that every member receiving service shall have an active membership. It is unlawful to keep a service in a deceased persons’ name.

There may be funds in their Kenergy Capital Credit account that can be claimed. The capital credits of a deceased member remain on our records under their name until a representative from their estate applies for an estate payout. To apply for capital credits of a deceased member, the estate representative must complete the required paperwork pertaining to their situation. (See chart below to find out what paperwork will be needed). Please call our office and speak to a member service representative at 800-844-4832 for more details.