Apply for Service

As a cooperative, Kenergy is a member-owned business that operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Each member pays $5 and owns one share of Kenergy.  If members have more than one account, only one membership fee is necessary.

When a member ends his or her service, membership fees are refunded after payments are made in full. Or, if the member chooses, the $5 fee may be applied to the final bill.

Former members cannot receive service until outstanding payments to the cooperative have been paid.

New members

A new member must complete an application and agree to the terms and conditions of providing electric service.

When applying for service the first time, prospective members must furnish his/her telephone number, mailing address, place of employment and spouse’s name (when applicable). Applicants may need to sign right-of-way easements.

Kenergy requests the member’s Social Security number for a credit check, which helps avoid a security deposit.  Any member who declines to supply his/her Social Security number may be subject to a security deposit. For non-residential service, a federal tax identification number may be submitted in place of a Social Security number.

If an applicant resides at a home with a Kenergy member who has an outstanding debt to the cooperative, the application will be denied on the grounds that the applicant is applying as the agent of the delinquent member.


New residential members must pay a $315 deposit. Members can pay half the deposit prior to receiving new service.  The remainder must be paid within two months.  The deposit will be refunded after 12 billing periods if the member establishes a good payment record.

Interest on deposits will be calculated at the rate prescribed by law and will be applied yearly to the member’s account. A two-twelfths (2/12th ) deposit is required from residential members who have an outstanding debt, have been released to the credit bureau, filed bankruptcy or have a history of meter tampering.

The deposit may be waived if the member 1) has established an acceptable credit record with Kenergy, 2) provides an acceptable letter of credit from another utility for the past 12 months of service, 3) has an existing member with a good payment record sign as a guarantor or 4) proves satisfactory credit for members using independent credit sources.

Deposits for non-residential and three-phase members (under 1,000 KW) are based on the member’s past use at the same or similar premises during the most recent 12-month period, if such information is available.  If that information is not available, the deposit will be based on the member’s projected load information.  The deposit will not exceed 2/12th’s of the member’s actual or estimated annual bill (where bills are rendered monthly). Commercial members may select one of three deposit methods:

  • Cash (Interest on deposits will be calculated at the rate prescribed by law and applied to the member’s account annually).
  • Irrevocable letter of credit from a bank.
  • Surety bond.

Recalculation of deposit: If Kenergy has held the deposit for at least 18 months, members may request a deposit recalculation based on use.

If the deposit differs by more than $10 for residential members or by more than 10 percent for non-residential members from the calculation based on use, Kenergy will make appropriate refunds or collect any underpayments.

Refunds will be made by check or credit to the member’s bill.  The cooperative is not required to refund any excess deposit if the member’s bill is delinquent when it is recalculated.

Temporary Service

A member requesting temporary service may be required to pay the entire cost of construction, removing, connecting and disconnecting service.

Facilities that are temporary in nature, such as for construction contractors, sawmills, oil wells, carnivals, fairs, camp meetings, etc., will be provided to members upon application, provided they pay 1) an advance fee equal to the reasonable cost of constructing and removing such facilities and 2) a deposit for estimated kilowatt-hour usage.

Upon termination of temporary service, the payment paid on estimated usage will be adjusted to actual usage and either a refund or additional billing will be issued.

Transferring Service

A current Kenergy member who has his or her electric bill paid to date may transfer service by phone to another location served by the cooperative. An advanced notice of three working days is required. A service charge is applicable for disconnecting or reconnecting seasonal or temporary services.

Electrical Inspection

If your home or facility has not had active electrical service for one year or you are applying for service to a new home or facility, an electrical inspection must be performed before Kenergy can provide electric service.