Payment Options

Bills should be paid on or before the payment date indicated on your bill.

Read this explanation of the charges on your bill.

Perhaps the most hassle-free payment method is Kenergy’s Auto Pay program. Send us a message from the contact page to learn more about bank drafts.

Many payment options are available 24/7, such as Kenergy’s smartphone app (, online at this website —, or by telephone at 1.844.255.3679.

Members may mail in payments or visit offices. Each of Kenergy’s five offices has an after-hours depository.

  • Owensboro – P.O. Box 1389, Owensboro, KY, 42302
  • Henderson – P.O. Box 18, Henderson, KY, 42419
  • Marion – P.O. Box 268, Marion, KY, 42064
  • Hanson – P.O. Box 327, Hanson, KY, 42431
  • Hawesville – P.O. Box 99, Hawesville, KY, 42348

Kenergy accepts cash, checks, debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, and Novus-issued credit cards.

If you have more than one account with the same due date, you may mail a single check for the combined amount of your monthly bills. Mail your check, along with meter readings for each account, in any co-op return envelope.

Members’ monthly statements show a net and gross payment amount, with the gross amount being 5 percent greater. In the event the bill is not paid within 20 days, the gross amount applies.

Members 65 years old and older who have submitted proof of age will not be levied the gross payment amount if the bill for his or her primary residence is paid within 30 days. Additionally, the gross amount will be forgiven one time per calendar year for all residential members.

Pay Your Bill Online

To pay your bill online click the My Account button on any page of this website.

SmartHub Mobile App

Download the SmartHub mobile app from the Apple app store or Google Play app store.

Our SmartHub mobile app will keep you informed and will show you where to save time and money on your bills.

Billing & Payments: No more waiting for your bill to arrive in the mail, access your bill anytime from anywhere. Save time with easy payment options to avoid late fees and service interruptions.

Alerts & Notifications: Stay informed on important account events via email or text. Receive the information you need to make the right decisions about your account.

Paperless Billing: What if you could save some time and a tree at the same time? Activate SmartHub paperless billing, an eco-friendly way to access your bill instantly.

Usage Monitoring: Worrying about usage or surprising bill amounts can be stressful. When you know what devices are using the most energy, you can make money-saving decisions about your account. Imagine opening your bill and seeing an amount less than expected.

SmartHub gives you complete control over your account by giving you the tools that deliver the right information at the right time so you can make the right decisions about your account.

Auto Pay

Kenergy offers a bank- or credit card-draft plan for automatic monthly payments. There is no check to write, and a record of your payment is included on your bank or credit card statement.

To sign up for automatic bank drafts, complete this form and bring it or mail it to any Kenergy office.

To sign up for automatic credit card drafts, members must call 1-844-255-3679 or use Kenergy’s My Account mobile app.  Members can also enroll in the credit card payment option by selecting My Account on the co-op’s homepage.

Credit Card Payments

Kenergy accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Novus-issued credit cards for the payment of electric bills, as well as for the payment of other Kenergy services and products.  Consider using Auto Pay, an automatic monthly payment for this option.

Settlement of Disputes

If you have questions or disputes about a bill or electric service, please contact Kenergy first.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has a toll-free number for use by members who have questions about their electric service or with complaints: 1.800.772.4636.

Member Bill of Rights

The Kentucky Public Service Commission requires each utility to provide a copy of the Member Bill of Rights.