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Commercial Member Services

Kenergy provides a variety of products and services for commercial and industrial members to ensure their long-term success. The services are available by contacting

Energy-use assessment

Kenergy engineers and energy-use managers will assist your staff in identifying cost-reduction opportunities and solutions to significant energy-wasting situations.

Billing review

A Kenergy account manager will review your bill with you to answer any questions.

Technology evaluation

Kenergy technical advisors will assist you in evaluating new and existing technologies thta may increase the productivity and profitability of your company.

Power factor correction

Kenergy will measure the existing power factor, and our engineers will provide assistance to increase the power factor of your facility. Increasing the power factor can increase the life of some equipment and reduce the capacity strain on the internal electric distribution system.

Operational assessment

Our commercial and industrial energy-use team will work with you to determine if changes in procedures will result in cost savings at your facility.

Power quality assessment

Kenergy technical advisors and engineers will diagnose suspected power quality problems. If problems exist, the team will determine solutions and work with your staff to take corrective action.

Database information

Information on your company’s annual energy costs and related data can be accessed from Kenergy’s database.

Outdoor lighting

Kenergy offers several lighting options to improve safety and security for commercial and industrial businesses and residential subdivisions. Call us for a free lighting consultation and design for your business or subdivision.

Electrical safety

Kenergy safety personnel can provide information for training your staff in safe working procedures.

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