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2017 Washington Youth Tour winners

Each year, Kenergy selects six high school juniors for the Washington Youth Tour.

These delegates tour Washington, D.C., monuments, meet with members of Congress, attend the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown and visit the Smithsonian, among other activities.

A team of Kenergy-area judges select students based primarily on a 1,000-word essay on the subject of their choice.

This year’s winners are:

Kendall Baldwin, of Hanson, the daughter of Kent and Lena Baldwin.  Kendall attends Madisonville North Hopkins High School.  Her essay was titled “Love Is.”  His essay promoted diversity, inclusion, acceptance and reaching out to those in need.

Patrick Clapacs, of Utica, the son of John and Aimee Clapacs. Patrick attends Apollo High School in Owensboro. Patrick’s essay was titled “Performance.”  It tells his personal journey with music and how music brings excitement, joy and friends.

Anna Gargus, of Owensboro, the daughter of Mark and Judy Gargus.  Anna attends Daviess County High School. Anna’s essay was titled “4-H Lessons Learned.” This essay tells how 4-H transformed young Anna’s life and helped her find her passion.

Katherine Manire, of Owensboro, the daughter of Jed and Cari Manire. Katherine attends Daviess County High School. Katherine’s essay was titled “Oncology Dreams,” which was about the seminal moment in her life that revealed where her life was heading.  After Katherine’s grandmother died with cancer, Katherine decided she wanted to study oncology.

Rebekah O’Bryan, of Owensboro, the daughter of Joe and Valerie Jones. Rebekah attends Daviess County High School. Her essay was titled “’Soled’ Out.” It chronicles her passion for giving back.

John Michael Zoglmann, of Maceo, the son of Shawn and Nikki Zoglmann. John attends Daviess County High School. His essay was titled “The Outdoors,” which talks about John’s love of hunting and the outdoors.