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Be Sure to Care For HVAC Systems In Between Tune-Ups

It’s almost time to call your heating technician for your system’s annual check-up. But just because you’re between service calls doesn’t mean you should ignore your equipment.

Your role in maintaining your air-conditioning or heating system is just as important as the job of the service technician who performs your annual maintenance inspection. Keep tune-ups quick and costly repairs to a minimum with these simple tips for year-round maintenance.

Between visits:

  • Change your furnace and air-conditioning filters often. This is especially important during the summer when dust and allergens circulate.
  • Remove plants, fallen branches and debris from your outdoor HVAC equipment. Objects that are too close can prevent adequate air flow.
  • Indoors, vacuum registers and air vents regularly. Heating contractors say simple dust and dirt cause almost half of their service calls.
  • Move furniture and drapes away from registers.
  • If something seems off about your HVAC equipment, call for service early. Odd sounds and smells could be warning you of a bigger problem.