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Beware of Third-Party Payment Services

Paying your bill directly through Kenergy locations or services like our SmartHub mobile app or online account at is the best way to ensure that your payment is safely and promptly delivered and applied to your account. By doing this, you eliminate the risk of late fees, possible interruption in your service, or fees that third-party payment providers can charge.

Please be aware when using third-party payment service which is any company outside of Kenergy offering bill payment services. These payment services will have websites that feature the Kenergy logo, phone number, and office information, but are not affiliated with Kenergy in any way. In addition to service fees that these third-party payment services charge, timely payment is not guaranteed; therefore, putting our members who utilize this service at risk of late charges or interruption in service depending on the status of the account at the time of payment.

Our dedicated Member Service Representatives are available to answer any questions you may have by calling 800-844-4832. You can also view your different payment options or login to your account