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Don’t Tamper With Your Electric Meter

If you or a contractor are planning to work on your home or a project that requires power disconnection, please call to alert Kenergy at least 24 hours in advance. Kenergy will send a representative out to disconnect the meter or service free of cost. Once work is complete and an inspection by a state electrical inspector has been completed, Kenergy will also send a representative to reconnect and re-energize the meter or service free of cost.

Meter tampering is dangerous and illegal. Kenergy is immediately notified when a meter or service has been disconnected. Those caught tampering with Kenergy meters may be prosecuted, and the service will remain disconnected until an inspection has been completed. It is important that you, as a member, understand this law is in place for the safety of you and your home or business. You can read more at with reference to 807 KAR 5:006.

In the event of an emergency, contact Kenergy and a representative will be dispatched to the account at our earliest convenience.