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It’s Not Too Late for Heater Inspection

So you’re home most of the time—working, teaching your kids and taking care of a house that’s always full. And you were too reluctant to let a service technician into your home this fall to check your heating system.

It’s not too late.

Resist the temptation to put off your annual HVAC maintenance check. The weather is about to turn its coldest. Make sure your home will stay toasty warm for the holidays and beyond. Mask up and call a reliable heating and cooling company for an appointment.

Here’s why keeping your home’s heating equipment maintained is important:

  • If your system is fairly new and still under warranty, you could void that warranty if you skip regular, professional inspections.
  • Small problems with the heating system are cheaper and easier to fix than big ones. The expert who inspects your system every year can spot trouble spots before they become major repair jobs.
  • Regular maintenance means fewer repairs. And means few repair bills.
  • A well-maintained system will last longer. Manufacturers estimate that a heating system that is never maintained will last only half of its expected life.
  • A tuned-up heater runs more efficiently, and that can keep your energy bills lower.