Keep Your Home Warm This Fall Without Turning Heat On

As the weather cools and the temptation to crank up the heat intensifies, consider ways you can warm up your home a little bit without using electricity.

For example:

  • Invite heat from the sun indoors. Open the curtains during the day on windows facing south to let sunrays in and close them at night to keep out the chill.
  • If your windows are old, single-pane or otherwise drafty, cover them with clear plastic so the cold outdoor air won’t penetrate them. If they’re still drafty after that, cover them with insulating drapes or shades.
  • Pump caulk into leaks around windows, doors and any holes in the wall where cable or telephone cords enter the home.
  • Schedule a maintenance check with a licensed HVAC professional before it gets too cold outside. The tech can resolve any issues that might cause your furnace to shut down during the winter.