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No more meter readings

HENDERSON, Ky. — September has been a red-letter month for Kenergy.

The co-op successfully completed the installation of a state-of-the-art meter system. The project required months of research, new skills training and changing more than 56,000 meters in the 14 counties Kenergy serves.

The end of this project means our member-owners will no longer report monthly meter readings. Thanks to the new metering system, Kenergy can read meters remotely.

Kenergy is pleased to offer this convenience to members who struggle with mobility issues. In the past, they relied on family and friends to perform this task.

Also, many of our farmers and businesses have multiple meters. They will no longer have to invest time gathering all those readings.

Remote meter readings save the co-op time, labor and money because, in the past, employees entered thousands of meter readings manually every month.

Here are some quotes from members who are pleased with this enhanced service:

“I am excited about Kenergy moving to the new meters that will eliminate my having to report usage numbers.

As I don’t always visit my cabin on the Green River on reporting days or am kept away by floodwaters, I am relieved accurate (meter readings) will be reported automatically and electricity status can be monitored remotely. 

… I also use the Kenergy ‘My Account’ app for iPhone and use it to monitor daily use, review past data, confirm payments and sometimes read the Member Matters newsletter on it.

 Thanks, Kenergy, for keeping the meters and reporting state-of-the-art.” – S McCarty, Henderson County


“I know where the meter is, but I’m in a (wheelchair). I couldn’t get around there.” E Boswell, Daviess County