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Pole inspections

A contractor named Alamon will start pole inspections the week of Feb. 15.

Inspectors will begin their work in Kenergy’s Owensboro District.  Poles located near these substations will be inspected:  Horse Fork, Masonville, South Dermont, Utica and Nuckols.

In Marion, the Crossroads poles will be inspected.

In Henderson, poles on the Little Dixie, Sebree and Weaverton substations will be inspected.

About four to six individuals will conduct inspections.  They are expected to knock on doors before entering property.  However, if no one is home or answers the door, they will continue with their work.

These crews will pair up to treat poles.

Alamon vehicles will have Kenergy magnetic stickers.

Crews will also use all-terrain vehicles to do pole inspections.