Power Lines and Farm Equipment: Know What To Do

With farmers returning to the field, Kenergy reminds them of the dangers of power lines.

If you’re inside the machinery when coming in contact with a downed power line…

  • If you can, drive safely away from the downed power line and the source of electricity. Travel at least three tractor lengths, or about 40 feet, before stopping.
  • If you can’t drive or you are injured, it’s best to stay where you are until help arrives.
  • If you must get out of the machinery (for example, if the machinery is on fire), don’t touch the machinery and the ground at the same time with any part of your body or clothing.
    • With the door open, prepare to jump. Stand up, elbows tucked into your stomach and your hands held close to your chest.
    • Jump out and away from the machinery, taking care to land with your feet together and touching. Don’t stumble.
    • Shuffle away with your feet touching. Don’t stop until you’re at least three tractor lengths away from the machinery.
    • Call 911 and ensure that no bystanders come within 40 feet of the machinery.
    • Once away from the equipment, never attempt to get back on or even touch the equipment.

If you’re outside the machinery when you notice a farmer comes in contact with a downed power line…

  • Stay at least three tractor lengths away.
  • Tell the person on the machinery to stay where he or she is.
  • Call 911 and ensure no bystander moves within 40 feet of machinery.