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Save Energy Everywhere – Even at Work

Just because you don’t own the company you work for doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to save energy while you’re at work.

Saving energy wherever you use it is good for the environment.

The best way to save energy at work is to stop wasting it. Here are some tips:

  • Clear papers, folders and your lunch off of the heating vents in your work space so the air can easily circulate.
  • If you have access to the thermometer, set it and forget it. If you get a little bit chilly, pull on a sweater.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Open the blinds on cold, sunny days. The warm sunrays can help you feel more comfortable without cranking up the heat.
  • Suggest that your company buy ENERGY STAR computers and other office equipment when it’s time to replace your old stuff. The federal ENERGY STAR program qualifies everything from printers to refrigerators to water coolers.